My desk at work My desk at work
I'm a huge nerd.

I came to this realization (probably several years too late) last night when I was on the phone with Megan. She was asking about how work was going and I was telling her about all the social media stuff I had been doing. A large portion of my job is setting up and managing social media marketing efforts for the company I work for (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging etc). I was telling her about all the tools and how the highlight of my day (possibly even week) was being retweeted by a professional out at an IMA Summit in Tucson, AZ. I also talked about how the followers of both Twitter accounts that I set up for my employer had gone up and how I was learning how to adjust CSS code to alter the color templates of their blogs and  blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....I even went as far as describing how I could manage all those accounts from my phone and update things from wherever whenever I needed to..

I stopped after I realized I was rambling and told her "Wow. I'm a huge nerd. The highlight of my week so far was being retweeted by a corportation attending a conference in Arizona." Being the sweet and remarkably patient girlfriend that she is, she let me ramble on about it all and said "No, that's not weird at all, I would be excited about that if I was you." Made me feel better at the time but all we did was dodge the inevitable truth:

I'm a  huge nerd.

You  know what though? I'm completely okay with that. I (like most college students) spent a lot of time on Facebook in between (and sometimes during...) class in school. Now it's part of my actual job description to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Wordpress at work. For whatever reason, social media marketing really intrigues me. Reading about it the past few weeks (and doing research on it for Imagewest) is one thing but now that I've gotten the green light from my bosses to start applying it to the company is exciting to me. I look forward to going to work because I'm excited about blogging, tracking viewers, gaining Twitter followers, being retweeted, gaining the company Facebook fans and ultimately improving organic SEO for my employer...(there I go rambling again).

All that may sound odd or really boring to have to read through for you but it's fun for me. I feel that's important in a job. Being able to get paid to do something that doesn't always feel like "work" I think is a huge deal and important. I can't see myself spending the next 30-40 years of my life waking up in the morning and going to a place that I hated to be at. Sure every job is stressful and everyone likes to get away from it from time to time. However, I find myself extremely fortunate to currently be working somewhere that I don't mind going to everyday.

The slogan on my coffee mug at work describes how I think one should live  life in regards to a career: "Do what you like. Like what you do."

I think doing it any other way would be a complete waste of time.