Skyline Chili

So this past Friday after getting off of work, I headed down to O'Hare and flew out to Cincinnati to see Megan for the weekend before she headed back to WKU. It turned out to be one of the most relaxed weekends I've had since moving up here. We spent a lot of time just chilling in her living room watching TV and working on crossword puzzles. I used to consider myself to be a relatively intelligent person until I worked on the weekend edition of the New York Times crossword. Man that was hard. I tip my hat to the individual that can complete it without the aid of the answers or Google.

The whole weekend wasn't just crosswords and TV by any means though. That Saturday night we went her family into Cincinnati and munched on seafood and went to a Reds game. Actually getting to the stadium was pretty cool. We parked in Newport and took a ferry across the Ohio to the stadium. Plus, parking was only $3-$5 there as opposed to the $20-$40 you typically find up here around Wrigley Field. Great American Ballpark was a neat stadium to watch a game at and Megan's dad ended up getting us pretty good seats. The Reds weren't having one of the best games of their season that night but it was still a fun time. The highlight had to have been eating my first Skyline Chili Dog (pictured above). It was hands-down the messiest, but best tasting, chili dog I've had. I just won't tell the people at Nicky's about that (the diner I frequent on my lunch breaks here in Chicago, where I always get a chili dog).

On the ferry to the Reds game On the ferry to the Reds game
That Sunday involved going to church, going out to an outdoor market and then Megan teaching me how to cook (and eat) scallops. I'm not a big seafood eater at all but I was pleasantly suprised at her scallops. I ended up liking them a lot (and not just because she made them)! The day before she taught me how to make granola and sent home a huge batch for me to munch on while at working at my desk. It's a great office snack! It's going to be about six weeks probably before we get to see each other again which is a bummer but I'll probably be keeping myself busy here. Keeping busy means I'm making the most out of my time up here and also makes the time go by a lot quicker! Now I'm just looking forward to hanging out with my parents for a weekend up here on Labor Day. Just two more weeks!