Long story short, I randomly decided to move from Kentucky to Chicago in the spring. I moved up here with only a fallback waiting tables job and two weeks later landed a marketing  job with a $100 million incentive company getting paid to do what I used to get in trouble for doing in school. Sound lucky?

Well...it was (some may call it luck, I think it undoubtably divine intervention). However, with the only marketing/advertising experience I had being classroom work this time last year, the odds of quickly landing a post-grad job didn't look good August 2008. Or even really January 2009. Then senior year happened.

Kicking off the fall of my senior year I started off as the Online Advertising Manager for the College Heights Herald (WKU's campus paper). From that position I gained some advertising sales experience and learned how to attempt pitching business to clients and set up effective digital ad campaigns via the Herald's website. I continued this throughout my entire senior year and definitely learned a lot from this experience. This experience also helped me gain a position at what would eventually consume my final spring semester: Imagewest.

After being turned down TWO other times before Spring of 2009, I finally landed a position at Imagewest (IW) as an account executive. I had tried for the Broadcast Coordinator position on those other occasions but with my time at the Herald I learned that I was actually a better fit for the account exec job. So after what would be my last long Christmas break (which included a random day trip to Chicago for pizza) I started my job training.

The first week actually was fairly easy and went by kind of slow to be honest. It mainly involved memorizing the agency portfolio so we could eventually present it to clients. This was actually somewhat challenging at first since the portfolio was fairly extensive and required quite a bit of memorization. After a week or so of that and general agency orientation, the real work slowly started to kick in. Before I knew it, I was spending more time working with agency related things than track and class combined...(which wasn't necessarily a bad thing)

to be continued