So after a fun and exhausting trip home and to Atlanta to see mom's side of the family, it was time to bring in the New Year in my new home. It was my first major holiday outside of the 4th of July in the city and Megan was flying up to celebrate with me.

Too bad it wasn't nearly as warm as the last time she was here (July).

At Gino's East after being dominated by pizzaThe wind chills got down to ten below a few of the nights but we still had a good time (indoors of course). The one non-freezing afternoon we spent the afternoon downtown, going from shop to shop on Michigan Avenue (somehow got into Forever 21...I blame Megan) and made a stop at the Art Institute. It was more of a VIP trip for us this time seeing how I used my old WKU student ID to get a student discounted (cough) membership. This entitled me to free admission for a year for myself and a guest and admittance to the Member's Lounge with free water, tea and coffee.

Yeah...I've got connections.

At my friend Hannah's placeThe rest of the weekend was pretty low key with occasional stops to local Chicago dives (Ann Sathers, Gino's East, el Mariachi) and hanging out at a few friends' houses a couple of nights. Sure there was a ton to see and do in the city but it was nice to take things in at a slower pace. We just kind of saw and did things as we felt like doing them, trying not to freeze too bad in the process.

It was a great way to cap off what will be my last vacation time from work until Memorial Day. Looking forward to what the year may bring!