New Year's resolutions have never really been my thing. I always thought they were a waste of time. Merely empty promises people made themselves on how a new calendar year was going to re-vamp their lifestyles. This year, however, I decided I would try out this whole "New Year's Resolution" thing myself. Can I stick with what promises I made myself?

I decided to go wild and make TWO resolutions. The first is a non-original yet necessary one: start running more. I have been talking with some old teammates of mine from WKU about doing the Chicago Marathon in October. Ever since the Sears Tower race, my training really has been pretty non-existent. However, I've always told myself that if I did a marathon, I was going to race it. Not just complete it. Since I have a lifelong goal of hitting between 2:45-2:50 for the race, I figured training should start now to build enough base for it. So far I've stuck to the goal with my very modest first week of 20 miles.

My main goal for 2010: increased emphasis on learning. To its core, this will be a fairly easy resolution to keep. After all, if I make enough mistakes throughout the course of the year (which is certainly bound to happen) I should theoretically take away some lessons from those.

I want to take this whole learning thing up a notch though. Not just learn more, but be more intentional about learning. One of my higher ups at work always emphasizes a "consumption of information." From the first day I walked into the office, he always drills into my head on how I should basically read everything in sight. He probably has a point.

Mainly, I am going to attempt to read a whole lot more, learn more from mistakes, and take in any information about anything and everything from all sources.

Now if only I had this mentality during school, I may have had a 4.0....