Being the last long weekend for a long time, I decided to make the most of it. Megan's birthday was this last weekend so I flew down to Cincinnati Thursday night to celebrate. It was a lot of fun! Megan and I spent almost all of Friday in Borders, went out to a nice dinner with her parents that night and had a good birthday lunch with her extended family and friends. 
Turns out the best was yet to come. Sort of. 

After all the festivities, we were winding down in front of the TV when it happened. I received a text message from a Chicago area code number that I didn't recognize. Here is all the message contained:

This obviously raised an eyebrow or two. Megan asked who that was and her dad later on asked me "How long have you been in Chicago again?" 

I texted back asking who it was and got "Sorry wrong numba" as a reply. It was a brief situation that was somewhat comical but had a lot of potential for backfiring. Megan's initial question (jokingly) was if I had a love child that I failed to mention to her. Of course I didn't but it still made for a somewhat awkward few seconds. 

I've only been away for seven months. It's not mine I promise.

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