This Friday I experienced a public event for the first time. Being in Chicago, it only made sense that I would see my here.

What? You're from Kentucky? You're first rodeo was in Chicago?

Yeah it's true. I had never been to a rodeo prior to this weekend but oddly enough felt somewhat at home walking into what was a state fair-like atmosphere. It was also probably one of the few times I heard someone open their mouth and think "Wow, those guys have accents."

Apparently I've been up here long enough for that to happen.

It was a great time with guys getting paid big money to hang on to the back of a large angry animal as best they could. A few guys had worse spills than others, which I hate to say was pretty entertaining. Nobody was seriously hurt so it was all in good fun. The rodeo clown made lame jokes with the emcee (which I actually liked) and hid in a barrel while stray bulls attacked it.

The event was concluded with a performance by who I would assume to be an up-and-coming country star Jake Owens. It was the first time I had heard country music in a long time. Not that I am strongly for or against that genre, but hearing it again was almost like taking a cold drink of water.

That Friday night was like spending several hours in an FFA convention and I loved every minute of it.