The Skydeck at the Willis Tower...103 floors upThis month has not been the least bit dull or boring. The dullness doesn't seem to be making an appearance anytime soon either. 

The month kicked off with four guys who are like brothers to me (WKU track guys) coming up for a weekend of cramming Chicago into a couple of days. Being that this is a fairly large city with one or two things to see, it was a challenge. A challenge that was met head on that resulted in five Kentucky boys (well technically four Kentucky boys and a South African) ripping the big city a new one. We hit the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, both Giordano's AND Gino's East, and a sunset view from the top of the Sears Tower.

I still refuse to call it the Willis Tower.

We also kicked off the Saturday morning with a brief tour of Chicago's northside on foot. On our 10 mile run, we ran by Wrigley Field, through Boystown and onto the Lincoln Park Zoo to check out some of the animals before heading back to my tiny one bedroom. The fact that we slept six people in here still baffles me. However, after cramming 12 guys into one hotel room to watch cross country nationals a couple of years ago, I really shouldn't be surprised at the feat. 

The next weekend I was guest free but it was that time of year where the whole city of Chicago celebrates St. Patrick's Day. From my morning jog downtown to watch the Chicago River get dyed green, I came to the realization that Chicagoans probably take the holiday more seriously than any Irishman. The holiday provided the city (and a TON of tourists) to alter the color of the river and partake in early morning drinking and debauchery in celebration of Ireland's patron saint. It was a spectacle that rivaled any people watching experience I have ever had at Wrigley Field during baseball season. The entertainment was priceless. 

This past weekend my parents came up to hang out in the city and celebrate mom and I's birthdays, which fallThe Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick's Day just ten days apart from each other. It was a much slower paced weekend than the previous two which was a HUGE blessing. Unfortunately for them, winter decided to re-appear as their Amtrak train arrived into Union Station, blowing snow their entire first day here. We made the best of it and just took the city in at our own pace, keeping the glass half full the entire time. Some of the highlights included us taking down some deep dish, all watching UK's NCAA tourney game together and visiting the Museum of Science and Industry. Since my parents and I had more time to spend there, I got a lot more out of the museum and am convinced that it's my hands down favorite one in the city. The new exhibits were amazing and had some really cool interactive displays. One included a mind game where two opponents strapped electrodes to their heads that measured brain waves. The object was to relax and clear your mind more than your opponent, making your brain waves slow down and stay steady as possible. Dad and I challenged each other and ended in a stalemate. I only won because the game moderator made dad laugh, which tripped his brain waves.  Spectators afterwards referred to us as "Yoda taking on a ninja warrior."

My parents headed back home this afternoon after a solid weekend.  I've got the next few nights of birthday celebrations here in the city before heading down south again to spend a weekend with my future wife. I haven't seen her since the proposal and am going with her to a sorority formal and re-learning how to make pancakes (not a metaphor...she's literally re-teaching me how to make pancakes). I can't wait.