A lot of young professionals my age are still going over their personal brands. How we present ourselves has a lot to do with future employment. When job hunting, you aren't just sending out a list of achievements as bait hoping a recruiter will eventually bite. You are selling a brand - yourself.

I went through a personal brand identity crisis not too long ago. Digitally speaking that is. I didn't know how I wanted to present myself to my digital audience. Did I want to blog and tweet about my personal experiences? Social media? Eventually, after going through countless Wordpress themes and ultimately desinging a site using Squarespace, I came to one conclusion:

I just had to be myself.

A personal brand means nothing if it's fake. This is the chance to sell you for you. No matter how well you polish the surface, the real you will always bleed through. Most employers worth their weight in (insert valuable commodity here) will be able to read through the BS if you aren't honest about yourself. Being confident with what YOU have done and what YOU can bring to the table without putting up a huge front will ultimately take you farther to places you actually want to go. I feel this idea of personal branding will keep you out of those dead-end "I hate where my life is" type jobs.

So my advice in a nutshell, just be you!

Unless you're a jerk. Then disregard this entire post.