So this whole “social networking” thing really isn’t a new concept. Almost all companies are using (or making some sort of attempt to use) web 2.0 tools to more cost effectively boost sales. There’s a lot of anticipation for what the future may hold for services like Facebook and Twitter and blogging in regards to their roles in marketing. However…

Social media isn’t for everyone.

Some would argue (many actually…especially self-proclaimed social media “consultants”) that there is some utility for it for every business. To an extent, this is true. There is definitely an audience and opportunity for community building for any brand or company. However, is that company ready?

Social media is more than just setting up a few free accounts and letting ‘er rip. It is a time commitment. You want to take social media marketing and succeed? You have to be willing to take the time and communicate with your customers. Not willing to take the time? You better be ready to pay someone else to do it.

Sure almost any account on any social network is free. The cost of using it is not. Since time almost always equals money, that alone will cost you. Not to mention the fees associated with attempting to outsource social media to a third party or additional employee.

I am a full believer in relationship marketing and the massive amounts of potential social media has to help build a business. I am also willing to help out just about anyone with digital strategy. Social media is my bread and butter (literally…it pays my bills) so of course I am willing to support it. However, if you aren’t ready for it, I’ll be the first to tell you that. A half committed digital marketing campaign will do more harm than good.

What do you all think…is social media for everyone?