This past weekend saw my second trip to Kentucky in a three week span, which is a luxury I don't often come by. Who was I visiting in Bowling Green both times?
Who do you think?
The first weekend was a much needed recovery weekend from life. The main purpose of the trip was to At her formalgo to a spring formal with Megan, which was a lot of fun! However, for me anyway, the trip had a dual purpose of spending time with her and catching up on some much needed sleep. I took more naps over the weekend than I had in the previous two months but it was extremely worth it. I probably wasn't as much fun to be around for her (you know, being unconscious and all) but she was a great sport and encouraged the naps. A keeper.
Two weeks later I made my way back down to Bowling Green with another mission: meeting the other half of my family. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, she met my dad's side of the family in Louisville. However, my mom's side of the family is from the Atlanta area and had not had the opportunity to meet their future granddaughter-in-law.  It was no fault of anyone that she hadn't met them yet. With her in Kentucky, me in Chicago and them in Atlanta, logistics were more to blame than anything. My grandparents had made the trip up to Kentucky and I met them halfway to introduce her to them over dinner that Saturday night.
Dinner was great and they loved Megan like I figured they would. After dinner, Megan and I met up with some old friends of mine and hung out and caught up on stories for a good solid couple of hours. Throw in a long run with the track guys that morning and a party the night before, it was a pretty solid weekend.
What came of the weekend besides introductions? A planned wedding date. In a conversation on the way to the Nashville airport Sunday afternoon, we decided to shoot for August 6th as the day. Why sorta set a date? Well obviously it's not completely set in stone since we obviously haven't booked venues for that date yet, so there is a chance that it could change due to logistics. But as far as it looks for now, that's our day.
Only 479 more days to go until then.