This past weekend, a game-changer in how we view portable computing was brought before the world courtesy of Steve Jobs. His new iPad caused absurd amounts of people to swarm Apple stores across the US in hopes of getting their hands on one.

Fortunately, this post isn't about the iPad.

It's about coffee.

I figured with every other news headline talking about how the new gadget would impact different industries, I felt that a change of subject was in order. While consumers in Chicago crammed into the North Michigan Avenue store to catch a glimpse of Steve Jobs new wonder-toy, I was in my modest one bedroom apartment trying out my new toy: a french press coffee maker.

When it comes to game changers, this really has made that kind of impact on my life. For nearly ten months now, I've spent morning after morning at the work coffee machine, choking down the industrial strength brews that came out of it. I'll have to say, it is free coffee so no complaints here. I like having a hot caffeinated beverage in my hands while warming up my brain for a full day's work. However, my coffee consumption habits changed on my birthday when my wife-to-be Megan presented me with a new french press coffee device.

How is this a game-changer?

For those of you who aren't familiar with what a french press is, let me explain. It is a non-electronic coffee making device that only requires coarse ground coffee beans and the appropriate amount of hot water. It's small enough to say...carry to work and sit at my desk for my own personal use without taking up much space. After some brief experimentation and learning on the device over the weekend, I gained enough confidence to bring in the french press to the office and boldly brew my own coffee.

Was it worth it? Oh yeah. It's the best morning coffee I've had at my desk in some time.

If I had the chance to do it all over again would I? You better believe it.

Let's see the iPad create an app for that.