So there are some fringe benefits to being on Twitter full time.

Using my personal and our corporate accounts I follow a lot of major news outlets, TIME Magazine being one of them. They recently hosted a Facebook group called "I Want To Be On TIME." I immediately joined, filled out a short survey and then a week later I went on over to the Borders downtown.

Over 3,000 people joined the group but they only used a shave under 1,300 images on the cover. I figured I only had a 50/50 shot of getting my Facebook

profile pic on there. I went ahead and bought a copy because even if I wasn't on there, it was still full of good info about Facebook. I went home and began to play a real life version of Where's Waldo...except I was Waldo.

Then I found it.

We weren't even in the middle of all the other pictures. On the edge in a (relatively speaking) easy spot to find. There it was - a picture of me sitting next to my beautiful fiancee. We had our one square millimeter (if that) moment of international fame. If someone, anywhere they sell time, walks by the newsstands in the next week with a magnifying glass, they'll see me. It almost beats being seen painted up like KISS at a basketball game on ESPN (like I was my freshman year of college).

Looks like I'm running out of minutes on this whole 15 minutes of fame thing ;)