Follow Friday is one of the great long-standing Twitter traditions. It's social media in it's truest form. A great way to unselfishly promote those you admire in the Twitterverse. The nature of it is fun and I always get little butterflies in my stomach when I am mentioned for one. Should this concept of goodwill only be limited to Fridays?
I'm not calling for the abolishment of the Follow Friday so you can put your torch and pitchforks away for a moment. My suggestion is to spread the love a bit. Make your follow recommendations a little more personal. Both @chrisbrogan and @unmarketing have made these suggestions before, so it's not a new idea on my part. Spread the love out throughout the week. In the same way we comment on blogs, do a random follow mention on Twitter saying why that person is important or should be noticed. Random acts of tweetage will do a whole lot in the effort of spreading goodwill across the web and among your contacts.
My personal Follow Friday plan?
Starting next Friday and every Friday after that, I am starting a series of Friday posts on "Why ________ is awesome!" Every week I'll take a fellow social media connection, individual, group or even something completely out of thin air to post on my site. Not only will I do this on the Brain Wads portion of my site but will also do the same for my Journal tab as well. I've been given the nod by several people through their blog posts, mentions and retweets and feel I should pass the love around.
Are we not connected on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere? Are you awesome? This is actually your time to shine. It's the one time that I will condone shameless self promotion. Using my contact form, send me a note on why you are awesome and why you should be featured on my Awesome Friday posts. It's an opportunity to toot your own horn privately to me without feeling guilty about it. Think someone else is awesome and deserves a nod? Throw those suggestions at me as well!