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This last Saturday night we saw Betty White grace our television sets as probably the oldest host of Saturday Night Live in recent history. It was a huge comedy and ratings success for NBC, thanks largely do to social media. If it weren’t for Facebook, something White refers to in her monologue as a “huge waste of time,” we wouldn’t have been able to experience that night of hilarity.

Betty White isn’t the first benefactor of enthusiastic social media users. During the NBC late night debacle, fans of Conan O’Brien raised tons of support for him under the banner “I’m With Coco.” It was a viral following that most likely allowed for the success of his current multi-city tour and what will most likely be his triumphant return to late night.

All these massive successes credit most of it to the enthusiasm and passion of social media users. If social media can rally around Conan or put the unlikely hostsess that was Betty White on Saturday Night Live, think of the other possibilities.

Couldn’t we use our power and influence for good?

Through social media, we as consumers are able to influence some of the largest companies out there. Think if half the energy that went into getting Betty White onto Saturday Night Live went towards some social purpose. What could we accomplish? During the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, we saw how Twitter and mobile devices were able to help raise millions upon millions of dollars in a short time for relief. We have a great power with social media and it is being tapped in for good more and more these days. Think of how many people we could help if we channeled that energy in the right direction.

Certainly we can have a bigger viral accomplishment than the rise of Justin Beiber.