When I decided on this new "Follow Friday" venture, I (along with most of you) thought it would be more marketing/advertising specific. I quickly found out that there is a whole new realm of awesome outside of the social media world. One person I had brought to my attention is a jack-of-all-trades and has really unique pursuits which is why I decided to feature her today: It's not really a matter of what she's done but more of "What hasn't she done?"

After spending over two decades teaching as a career, Cynthia Coleman left that profession to pursue what she believes to be her true God-given calling: to educate, encourage and inpsire others through writing. She received a journalism fellowship at the Diversity Institute through Vanderbilt University. After completion she started her new career at the Houston Chronicle as an assignment reporter.
So she became a reporter...what's the big deal?
During her tenure at the Chronicle, her coverage of Hurricane Katrina garnered national media attention. In fact, one of her stories was a feature on ABC World News. As a result, she was later on selected by Essence Magazine to write a feature story in honor of the one year anniversary of Katrina.
In addition to her journalistic capabilities, Cynthia is the founder of Elizabeth's Daughers, which is a faith-based educational outreach ministry serving single mothers pursuing higher education. She is also an ordained minister who considers herself "out-of-the-box." She has been referred to as Mother MySpace and considers Lil' Wayne a music genius (believe it or not).
Want to get to know her more? Check her out on Twitter as @reporter4651! She also has a blog called "Hmmm, I'm Just Saying" at http://cynthiacolemanfranklin.blogspot.com. Stop by, leave a comment, say hey on Twitter...spread the love!