A couple of months ago I came in contact with a pretty unique guy via Twitter. I originally was introduced to Bill Oates of Oates Design. However, I came to know his other web passion - Wild Dream Book - even more. If really intriguing inventions and ideas are your bag, then so is Wild Dream Book. His newest site found at http://wilddreambook.com explores different concept ideas. These vary from an electronic drumset on a steering wheel called Carioke to a chair/handtruck called the Carry-It Chairiot to a small business that specializes in revitalizing old, beat up antique furniture.

Taking a look at Wild Dream Book is definitely worth a few minutes. Different from some other things I typically read up on online but I like it. Plus, he uses his web platform to recognize what other cool people are doing - something I can totally dig.

Find Wild Dream Book here or even check it out on YouTube here. You can follow Bill Oates himself by connecting with @oatesdesign.

Who else do you know that's awesome?