This last weekend I spent moving into a new apartment down the street. Throughout the week I had gradually moved stuff into the new place and even had an afternoon of help from a friend of mine from church. However, I still had a bed from home to bring up here along with a desk, dresser and couch from my old place to bring to the new one. Mom and Dad brought up my old bed from Kentucky in the back of dad's pickup so I wouldn't have to come to Owensboro and get it and also to save me money on a truck to move the other stuff. Even facing car trouble on the way up, they still managed to get it here and helped me move the remainder of my stuff well after midnight the day of their arrival.

Unfortunately, my new place hadn't been made ready. Despite the fact I had been paying rent for nearly two weeks, the customary "new tenant" procedures hadn't been taken care of (repainting, cleaning etc). Not only did they help me move but also helped me clean my apartment hardcore prior to unpacking all of my stuff.

Trust me, the cleaning was a much bigger job than it sounds. We spent more time doing that than actually moving.

Without them coming up I'd still be moving right now. The stuff facing me was a lot for one person to handle on their own. Thanks to them I am almost completely settled into the new place.

Next time they're up, I'll try not to put them to work.