Whenever we post a new article up on our blogs, we want people to see it. Especially if it's related to social media. The end of all means is higher traffic and more clicks. How can we improve our chances at visibility? The following elaborates more on a few tricks I've picked up to accomplish this goal: Make Your Post A List

We love automation and checklists. Creative thinking can happen too much during the day so having a simple list to check off for easy, standardized success makes us happy. Providing a list also gives your readers a preview of how much info they may be in for.

When using lists, always use digits when writing out your number. In this post, one can see that I used the number 3 instead of writing out "three." We as readers don't have time to skim whole words so the shorter the better.

Use "Social Media" Somewhere in Your Title

Everybody is looking for the next new social media thing. It's become a new buzzword due to its role as the new Wild West of marketing. Social media still has a plethora of uncharted waters left to discover, so including the words social media in your blog will let people know that you may have some hidden gold mine of knowledge.

We social media people like nothing more than to talk about social media. Forget other digital tools and how to leverage other effective marketing strategies in conjuction with a social effort. Let's just talk about social media. Indicating this right away in your title will definitely attract potential retweeters.

Have a Re-tweetable Headline

I mean honestly, how do we have time to read everything? If you're headline doesn't include the above two elements or something bizzarre, why bother reading? You won't have to worry about the quality of your content if the headline is there. After all, most people retweet titles, not ideas.


The above list is a little sarcastic but hopefully drove in some social habits we all have been guilty of. In writing this, I've had to do a lot of re-examining of my OWN blogging and Twitter habits, knowing that I have been guilty of the above more than once in my life.

I'm re-evaluating my own habits to bring more value to the table in the future. Are you with me?