When I first really launched drewhawkins.org, most of my traffic initially was referred from Social Media Today. Through that network I came in contact with some cool people - all the way over in Bristol England - that were very loyal and consistent thought sharers.

GWS Media. But who are they and what do they do?

GWS Media is a website design and internet marketing company based in Bristol, UK. The company started in 2000, and has grown steadily over the past few years – recently winning a big contract to design Mensa International’s new site. In addition to web design, GWS Media also focuses in on SEO work and online marketing campaigns. They operate with a core team of 11 people with three of them mainly focused on the promotion of their clients.

In addition to their work, the company also engages heavily in SEO, social media and online marketing debates. They aren't shameless self promoters of themselves in these conversations but genuine contributors - where my respect for them grew. The members of their company that engage in social media are great models of authentic behavior online.

Want to learn more about them? Check them out here at their home website or read up on their blog. On Twitter? Stop by and say hey to Lucy @GWSMedia. Along with Brain Wad contributor Ben Johnson (look for his post next week), these are some of the cool people I've met across the pond.

Who else do you know that's awesome?