The other day, mainly for Hinda reasons, I checked out a new site called AppMakr. It's a DIY iPhone app creator for RSS based apps. I initially created one for Hinda, mainly just for fun. After all, most of Hinda's core demographic are Blackberry users and this site is primarily for iPhone applications. However, while I was on a roll, I plugged in my Brain Wads site and created an app around my blogs. It's not something I plan on doing anytime soon. The website is a great tool, giving you relatively inexpensive developer options ($49 for basic services) and let's you have creative control of the app, helps you submit it to Apple Developers and even run online ads on your app. Being that online ads are a $3 billion business and growing, it's a great opportunity for much more serious bloggers than I.

If you want to do a simulation of what my app would be, click here.

Should I make an app? Would you download it on your iPhone?