As it turns out, this particular blog isn't my only digital responsibility out there. My other projects pull me away from updating Brain Wads and my Journal as often as I want to. Part of my job responsibilities elsewhere is developing and writing blog content for several other sources. This content isn't always necessarily related and pertain to very different topics. How do I keep everything straight? Evernote.

I'm a huge fan of cloud computing. Normal word processing is good and still functional but working on the cloud gives me the freedom and accessibility to work on the go necessary for any normal Millenial. For a long time I used Google Docs. It's a fine tool and does some great word processing things but I needed a way to keep notes tucked away and be able to work off of my iPhone if need be. Evernote provides that option for me.

There is a free and paid version of the software. I still manage to get away using the free plan for what I need now. The system not only lets you draft documents and ideas but helps you organize them into files. For me, I am able to organize my things into "notebooks." This way, I can keep all things Hinda related, HHR related and my personal thoughts separated out. Within those notebooks are other individual projects, drafts or ideas separated out. The screenshot below shows an example of this from my own.

Evernote also provides the ability to access your work literally anytime, anywhere with just about any device. You can access via web, a downloadable desktop platform, iPad, iPhone, name it. This video below shows more about how truly mobile their platform is.

Contrary to belief, this is not a sponsored post nor am I gaining any affiliate gain from this post. This is mainly to show you all how I keep track of some of the projects that I have to work on day to day. There are other tools that help me manage more specific tasks, but that is blog fodder for a future post.

That being said, I am also open to learning. What do you all use to keep track of your work files? Any suggestions on a potentially better platform? Do you use Evernote as well?