This whole week proceeding the marathon, I was active in a trade show that is one of the biggest events in the incentives industry. No rest for the weary right? Thanks to cultivating genuine relationships on Twitter, I was asked (and graciously accepted) to be part of a BlogTalk radio show talking about the group I was helping represent at the show aka Helping Hand Rewards. For those of you who actively read my blog, I DO work for Hinda Incentives. However, the owner and CEO of Hinda - Michael Arkes - started a socially responsible organization called Helping Hand Rewards.

 To water it down, HHR helps break socially responsible goods made by nonprofit social enterprises into the incentives marketplace. For these organizations, the more products they sell, the more individuals 

 Helping Hand Rewardsthey are able to help out. It's a really interesting way to incorporate social good in one's industry and Michael has done a tremendous job of using his business skills to make a greater impact on those less fortunate. Having the opportunity to work with this group has been a great experience. 

Anyway, I've embedded the show into this blog of Paul Hebert's Influence Insiders monthly podcast. I don't do a whole lot of podcasting myself so it was fun to jump in for a day with some other smart people. Paul is the managing director of an incentives consultancy called i2i and blogs frequently here about performance motivation and human behavior. Even if you aren't in the incentives industry, he has some interesting things to read about, check it out. 

I come in around the 6 min mark and the show is really only 45 minutes long. I also talk social media in the incentives marketplace while I'm on there along with @kmillersmith, who works for Catchfire Media. If you have some time to kill, check it out. Let me know how well I hide my Kentucky accent...