For the last month or so I feel like I've been in a digital limbo of sorts. When I moved to a new apartment, I re-invested in a new internet service provider. One that was inexpensive and had fairly good reviews. However, at my location, my internet ran painfully slow. Slow to the point I couldn't even stream a YouTube video to my computer.

This crippled me a bit.

I do work for a living turns out. Sure I do social media but I tend to not work on my personal stuff at the office. Most of my blogging I do at home while I'm eating dinner or on the weekend on my own personal computer. After all, my company isn't paying me to pimp myself out - I'm trying to build their digital brand.

I have been on Twitter quite frequently but that's thanks to my smartphone and Hootsuite. Since I help manage multiple accounts, I have my own personal account plugged in there. After spending so much time reading about incentives, employee recognition programs and responding to assaults to the incentives industry, my own personal Twitter stream serves as a sort of "smoke break" for me at work.

It's not a coffee break because I never take a break from coffee.

So most of my blogging has taken place after hours when I have a free chance to take my laptop to a nearby coffee shop with free wi-fi. The internet service provider I used kept troubleshooting and troubleshooting over the course of weeks and severely prolonged my departure from their contract. Now that as of yesterday I'm disconnected from them, I'm on the hunt for a new ISP. Until that's resolved in a couple of weeks, I'll remain in this digital limbo.

So if the blog seems a little quieter now than usual, that's why. This isn't an apology though. After all, it's my blog and I can do what I want to with it.