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So the last week all I heard was the word "Cloud." Hardly surprising seeing how I was at a conference for a cloud computing product. Prior to the conference, I had made a decision to consciously move away from my computer hard drive and the company server. Since our company was going to be managing all of its contacts and programs from a cloud application, why couldn't I follow suit with all of my other responsibilities?

As a New Year's Resolution of sorts (though I'm starting a little before) I am going to attempt to do 100% of my work without touching the hard drive of my office computer. How do I plan to do it? Being that half my job is driving digital marketing and social media efforts for our company, half the battle is easy. None of those programs require one spot to do work. What about my other duties? Let's take a look at how I plan to accomplish this:

Salesforce: Our main company database. Being the admin, I will attempt to lead by example by doing almost all of my work within the application. It will take probably between now and Christmas to streamline things in order to make that possible, but it's completely doable (and the ultimate goal).

Evernote: My ultimate note taking tool. I have a desktop application installed on all my computers and can obviously access my information from any internet browser. It'll be where I store my to-do lists, blog ideas, and other bits of information.

Hootsuite: How I manage all of the social networking accounts I am in charge of. An application most of you all are familiar with, I have the option of not only pulling this up remotely but also on my HTC Evo to schedule tweets on the go.

Blogging: Between Squarespace and Wordpress, blogging on the go will be cake.

Dropbox: The most crucial part of my efforts. Dropbox is an application that allows me to store files and access them from anywhere in the world (provided I have the correct username/password). In regards to some miscellaneous documents that I have to access frequently from my own computer, this is a great storage space. I don't have any sensitive or confidential documentation stored in here due to my lack of confidence in the security.

That's where I'm starting off so far. Being that I'm a relative newbie in practical applications of cloud computing for practical reasons, what other suggestions do you all have? Are there any good applications I should look into that you all use yourselves?

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