Here's a cool infographic I found courtesy of FrakYeah Social Media! It does a very good job of showing how companies do or don't allow social media inside the office. As you can see, most places don't, which is sad news to me. One of the most used reasons I've heard is that it cuts into productivity. I digress. Most people are going to search non-work related sites at some point anyway. It's good to take 10-15 minutes here and there to get your mind off the task. Back in the day (and still some today), offices had the smoke break. It was completely acceptable to take a few minutes out of your day to light up. Still is. However, it's a time killer to be online?

Some of my best creative inspirations for the work I do online comes from what I hear and learn via social channels. I believe some companies are delaying the inevitable. It's only a matter of time before social networking channels have to be allowed for business to function.

What do you all think? Could social media be the new smoke break?

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