Is he the next Judd Apatow? He believes so. And he may very well be. I initially got introduced to Clinton through some conversations about the startup he used to work with called EarnMojo, a gamification add-on I've talked about before on here. After going back and forth on a few emails and tweets, I got locked into his blog and found a stellar new addition to my reader.

So how did Clintion Bonner get into the whole gamification scene?

In his words, he said his friend @mmartoccia introduced him to Gabe Zicherman, the author of Game Based Marketing and the rest, as they say, is history. His passion for social connections and gamification has flourished ever sense. Right now he's working on a project centered around building a social following around a fictional universe. While doing that, he's creating a platform based on characters. He knows there is a possibility of it crashing and burning but he's very optimistic.

Spoken like a true entrepreneur.

Even though he's driven by storytelling and the creation of markets that haven't existed, he absoultely adores his family, cheeseburgers and Miller High Life. He also dabbles in guitar and some comedic writing. On the topic of sports, he says he's a sports fan but he cheers for the Seahawks, Mets and Isles, which bodes as an actual source of frustration for him. He balances that frustration out with a Bob Ross VHS collection. Nothing cures the frustrated sports fan better than "happy trees."

You shouldn't take my word for Clinton's awesomeness. Connect with him via Twitter (@clintonbon), LinkedIn or comment on his blog Everything2Everything. He'd love to hear from you!

Who else do you know that's awesome?

*Editors note: I actually own a Bob Ross t-shirt that says Happy Trees on it. True story.

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