The other day I ran across one post by another loyalty marketer talking about the future of Groupon. He talked about how Groupon is doing great now but posed the question about how Groupon plans to retain customer loyalty in the future. Other competitors are rising up with Living Social throwing down a hammer with thei most recent $20 Amazon gift card deal (one I partook in). This question of loyalty is one Groupon should seriously think about finding the answer to. My thought: what if Groupon combined gamification elements and geolocation services to make daily deals a competition? Could Groupon (or any daily deal service) be gamified?

I answer this inquiry and more over on my company's blog. It's a quick read. Those of you interested in gamification may find it an interesting read. Drop a comment or two over on the post if you feel the need. I'll be the one responding to you.

View Hinda Incentives' blog here.

I'm sure a few of you are wanting a blizzard post. That'll happen later on today.

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