I've been wavering on whether or not I want to completely port to Google Voice or not. The features are amazing with personalized voicemail, being able to send texts through a computer, voicemail transcriptions etc. With the less-than-acceptable battery life on my Evo, being able to still use my phone number indirectly would be a huge plus. What's really stopped me from making a complete conversion to Google Voice  was paying to port my number or having to tell everyone I know that my number has changed. Being a Sprint customer, looks like my holding out is going to pay off.

Sprint announced yesterday that they will soon be offering a partnership with Google Voice. On select Sprint phones, Google users will be able to go into their Voice account and opt into using their Sprint number as a Google Voice number. This way, Sprint customers will be able to tap into all the cool perks of using a Google Voice without the hassle of changing or porting a phone number. Pretty cool stuff!

Glad to see Sprint all but made the Google Voice decision for me. The below video explains more. Do you all see other carriers offering similar partnerships with Google? Will this help Sprint attract more customers?

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