Before making the move to Engauge, I did a lot of work with for Hinda as the admin. is an amazingly powerful tool with a lot of capabilities. It does come with some downsides. The platform isn't always the most user-friendly thing in the world and it may not make sense to have that much power behind the sales of a smaller business. After all, it doesn't always make sense to use a sledgehammer to nail in a thumb tack. Talking to Andrew Shively (@shivelyinc) I learned of a new, simpler CRM system: Omniprise CRM. Fortunately Charles Atkinson of Hitcents (the company that created the new Omniprise platform)  sat down and answered a few questions about a simpler CRM system.

Me: What's your elevator speech to describe Omniprise CRM?

Charles Atkinson: OmnipriseCRM is like the proverbial “crystal ball” providing companies a 360 degree view of not only their customers but their own internal sales process.  All aspects of Customer Relations, from first contact- to prospect- to opportunities- to retention are easily viewed and accessed.  And no, it’s not magic; it’s finally a software solution that is built on best practices and good old “Common Sense”.  Without the Customer, there is no company and OmnipriseCRM was built with the methodology that “Taking care of your Customers is taking care of your own Business.”

Me: What differentiates Omniprise from other larger CRM systems like

CA: Customer Service, flexibility, and ease of use; these are a few of the features that set OmnipriseCRM apart from other crm options.  OmnipriseCRM has a small learning curve that is designed to fit any businesses sales process minimizing training costs.  OmnipriseCRM can be customized to be accessed from a custom URL.  One of the best features that sets OmnipriseCRM apart from other crm options is the social aspect that’s provided.  Customers can have their own login to view, enter and monitor their trouble tickets.  Finally, Omniprise takes pride is its product by using OmnipriseCRM to nurture and grow its own Customer Relationships.  We don’t use our customers as a test bed for new features.  This ensures that all the kinks are worked out before they get to the customer.  Again, putting the customer first means that Omniprise and the customer both win in the end.

Me: What would you say is one of the coolest features and/or aspects to Omniprise?

CA: Right now I’d have to say one of the coolest features of OmnipriseCRM is the iPad app.   Time is one thing that you can never get back.  OmnipriseCRM in conjunction with the iPad allows users can seize the moment making informed decisions and enter important information on the fly instead of waiting to get back to the office.  The combination of the iPad with OmnipriseCRM is a powerful tool in the hands of today’s tech savvy sales professional.

Me: Do you see any initial additions to Omniprise as a product (upgrades etc) in the near future?

CA: Currently, in development are integrations with third party applications such as:

  • Constant Contact, providing best in class Email and Event Management tools working in conjunction with OmnipriseCRM.
  • Live Chat will allow instant communications with users visiting the customer’s website, instantly creating an opportunity for assignment to the appropriate sales associate.
  • Knowledge Management is another feature on the radar.  Customers will be able to access a detailed knowledge base.  Employees and customers alike will be able to submit information to the knowledge base in a specific format that will move up the chain of experts for approval and insertion into the database.  Customers will be able to solve their own issues, removing the need to submit a trouble ticket, minimizing work stoppages.

So if you're looking for a CRM answer that's a little less costly but just as functional as, you may want to give Omniprise a listen. Check them out at Special thanks to Charles Atkinson for taking the time to chat.

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