You'll be surprised as to where you'll come across good ideas. This particular conversation didn't throw me off much at all but considering the generation gap, you may find this interesting. A couple of weekends ago I was hanging out with my grandfather in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, waiting in the hotel lobby on the rest of our family to go eat. He and I were catching up like usual and he was asking me about the new company I'm working for. Similar to what I was talking about in my post yesterday, I was telling him about some of the cool new things I was learning about augmented reality from @patrickbrandt and the research group over at Georgia Tech.

To further explain what AR was, I showed grandaddy the Yelp app on my phone...more specifically the monocle feature. Being in Gatlinburg, which is basically a huge strip of restaurants, I was able to give him a fairly accurate depiction of how Yelp could give me a visual representation of consumer reviews. Being the expert in practicality that he is, he found a solution for using AR that I wouldn't have thought of:


He has a cabin out on Nolin Lake in Kentucky. It's a manmade lake that goes down every year...and every year while it's down grandaddy goes out and looks to see where the fish attractors are. He then takes pictures and indicates on a map where those spots are. That way, when the lake is back up to its normal level, he knows exactly where to drop his fishing line. He thought about an app idea - what about an app that tapped into your location on the lake to visually show where the fish attracters are in the lake.

Seriously, extremely practical application of augmented reality where I didn't expect it.

Where do you find uncommon uses of emerging technology?

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