Well as it turns out, I'm getting married Saturday. So what's that mean for my social networking activity? It's going to be virtually non-existant for a while.

It's not just about unplugging and enjoying the vacation that is my honeymoon. It's about priorities. I love being plugged in, tweeting, plussing etc and learning from everyone I work with and talk to online but the focus has to shift. Family and time with my new wife will be my only focus for a while. Plus, some time away from the computer will be a good thing for the ol' brain.

Why My Co-Workers at Engauge Are Awesome

I've been doing some remote work today in the middle of some pre-wedding activities in Megan's hometown but yesterday was my last day in the office in Atlanta. My coworkers didn't let me leave quietly. We went out to lunch to send off one of our awesome interns @IGhodke for her last day with us. After walking back to the office, I walked into this at my desk.

I was impressed. Blushing but totally appreciated the awesome send off. I thought the desk decorations was an awesome touch. Turns out they weren't done.

After listening to a really cool mobile presentation by @IGhodke and @RadioJohnnyD, there was cake. It was a wedding style cake that only the tech geeks at @engauge would think to pull off. Megan and I are both Android users so it was a fitting send off:

File those cake toppers under "awesome."

I knew I liked where I worked but fun send-offs like this made me realize how lucky I was to have a work environment like I do. It was an awesome way to have a last bachelor day at work.

So anything you see from me for the next week is most likely something automated. I'm going to enjoy time away from reality for a while.

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