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There always that discussion on how to blog and more often the "should I blog every day?" type of question. Obviously by the title of this post you know where I stand on the subject. I don't blog everyday. Why? Several A-listers out there will talk about blogging every day. Chris Brogan is a huge proponent of it and talks about how he has more ideas to write than he actually blogs about and has something up almost every day. It works (or at least worked) for him well as I know he generates a good amount of income as a result of it.

I used to be a loyal reader of his blog. Then more content came out that was worth a look. Then even more. Online, there's not any shortage of content. I noticed of a lot of the bloggers that blog everyday, I don't read as loyally. They have a new blog everyday. Sometimes it's a chore to keep up. Because there is always something coming, each post is more of a commodity of sorts. Then there are other bloggers that write consistently enough (like maybe 3-4 times a week) that I don't forget about them but when they do write...I pay attention.

My grandfather on my dad's side is a quiet man. He doesn't have a lot to say. However, when he says something...people listen. I'd like to take the same approach on my blog. Not saying that every post will be a winner...I simply don't ever want to get myself to the point where I'm writing for the sake of writing. I know the act, discipline and work ethic of blogging is hard work.  I'm not against the act of blogging every day and have full respect for those guys who can churn out quality content every single day. It's impressive.

Blogging for me is a way to keep myself from getting complacent and having to read up on things to be able to write. However, for me, some weeks it may be every day and some weeks it may be more sparse.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on blog post frequency?

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