I'm all about productivity apps. I've written about several of them more than once. As my roles and responsibilities at work change in addition to some new developing apps, this will could change several months from now. For the moment, here are the apps that get me through my day: Workflowy

I've written about this one recently. As far as keeping tabs on things in meetings, especially re-occuring meetings around the same subject. The beauty of Workflowy is in its simplicity. It looks nothing more than just a bullet point list like you would make in Microsoft word. However, you can break down each section to focus on and email only certain pieces of your entire Workflowy doc for further collaboration. It's a fun tool that I know my DIG teammates probably get tired of hearing about :)


An awesome procrastination tool...which leads to productivity. It's a "read this later" type of tool for articles and videos I want to consume. The tool also allows me to put other things in a to-do list (write this, go do that etc) and sends me email notifications to remind me to take care of tasks that I designate in the app. Pistashio also has a handy Chrome plugin that makes bookmarking pages very easy.


It's probably the most popular productivity app out there. For me, Evernote is my "everything else" type of app. I use it as a digital scratchpad. I clip articles that I could use for blog posts. It's great for jotting down random ideas, evergreen style posts for client work and organizing meeting notes when I go to a conference or other learning session. The mobile app for it is awesome as well since you can take random photo notes and audio clips as well. Perfect for on-the-go thought spasms that pop in your head when you aren't planning on ideas.


My to-do list. Hands down. Handy mobile app and allows me to organize my tasks by client and category. Throw in the fact that it will send me an email of the tasks that are due that day, you have a perfect productivity app. The key is just remembering to plug tasks into it as you receive them.

Google Docs

This may sound very elementary but something doesn't have to be new to be awesome. For a recent project that @reenazoid and I worked on, we were able to chat and collaborate on our document in real-time and get things done much quicker. Throw in that you can share docs with others and make edits without clogging up an email inbox, I don't know why we dont' use this more often than we already do. It's awesome. I can't wait to see the power that G+ Hangouts will give docs here in the near future.

That's just my short-list of productivity apps that I'm using now. What would you add to the list?

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