Ever have one of those days where you just can't get the wheels turning? You have a big project facing you that sounds as daunting as a brisk jog up Everest. Once you get going, you know you'll get in a rhythm. However, just getting that momentum going is the biggest challenge. It's that moment when procrastination really takes hold and ruthlessly jumps on your back. How do you overcome it? Embrace it. There is a way to procrastinate productively. Seriously.

Find Quick Wins

Sure you have that huge project facing you but it's probably not the only thing on your to-do list that day. There are probably a few other smaller, even leaning more towards "mindless" tasks also on your plate. Taking on some of those things serves a dual purpose. They can serve as a sort of "warm-up" for your brain before the hard work begins and keep you from sitting there staring blankly at a screen (or sheet of paper etc) doing nothing at all.

Discover Other Non-Work Related Tasks

No I don't mean playing Angry Birds or playing on Facebook. I'm talking about doing something that is actively productive or helpful for future work. Have a messy desk, take time to organize it. With myself, I know that the file folders on my computer have a tendency to get out of hand from time to time. When I take the time to organize or clean up something, my brain has warmed up to the idea of putting in the necessary hard work while helping make other work more efficient and organized in the future.

If none of these work, find another strategy to procrastinate productively. This is only a short-term solution. We all face deadlines and re-organizing a desk isn't an excuse to miss them. At some point, you just have to get your head down and get busy.

How do you all overcome procrastination?


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