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Last week I started toying around with Pinterest by trying to bring a Y-Chromosone to the site. It's weird how a site started by males turned into a feeding frenzy for the other gender. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just thought that there was a place for men on the site. However, what I learned was that most men had not pursued time on Pinterest since most of their streams saw an overwhelming majority of crafts, kittens and cupcakes.

It's why I made The Board of Man. An experiment with no strategy that seems to be working.

The State of The Board of Man

After only a week of starting The Board of Man on Pinterest, we've seen over 200 followers. It's not a huge following but definitely nothing to sneeze at after such a short time. The board has evolved over time, starting with very much over-the-top man pins of sharks and lasers to posts about how to be a man and even pictures of contributors' grandfathers and great uncles. It's been a great movement and has definitely added a little more character to the board.

The Board of Man has been a great place for males to get their feet wet with Pinterest. In addition, it's been a way for people to connect with each other that wouldn't normally. I've seen people re-pin and like each other's content that I am almost 100% certain didn't know each other before the Board of Man. The small community being built around the board has probably been the most exciting part.

The Board of Man: Next Steps

I have added several contributors to the Board of Man but have to draw the line at some point. So what if you want to contribute?

Like Instagram or Tumblr, Pinterest is a good place to search via hashtags. If you want to contribute to the movement, feel free to tag any pins on your boards with #boardofman. Movements only work if they expand beyond the bubble. All the guys on Pinterest should continue to make their own boards and share their own interests, mainly looking to the Board of Man for inspiration and one other place to contribute their own pins.

I will monitor the #boardofman hasthag and always re-pin what I find great to add to the physical board. I encourage any existing contributor to do the same.

Have you started following the Board of Man? What do you think Pinterest's future looks like?

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