What started out as an experiment in content has developed in a rapidly growing movement on Pinterest. Honestly, it was a joke at first. But now the Board of Man has gained over 1,000 followers in just over a month's time.

It's been interesting to see how the board has evolved. I started it off as a joke, posting way-out-in-left field pictures of men punching sharks and doing overly manly things. However, it's evolved into pictures of male icons, style, and even photos of men from other contributor's families. Plus, numerous pictures of Don Draper and Chuck Norris.

I've also enjoyed seeing how other people have gone off and created their own men-oriented boards. My Pinterest stream has become more balanced as time goes on. We've also seen more and more women begin to follow the Board of Man and take just as much interest in it as guys originally did. That's one thing I definitely did not see coming.

How do you define manliness in pictures? If you're on Pinterest, use a #boardofman hashtag in your manly pins and see if it makes it up onto our board of man.

Here's to thousands more.


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