I'm probably one of the few people you will ever run into that has switched from an iPhone to an Android, instead of the other way around. The change came as a result of cell reception. I had to switch providers when I was living in Chicago due to reception issues and Sprint didn't offer the iPhone at the time when I switched to them. Now they do. As someone who has used both phones, I thought I would throw down a few comparisons. Now that the iPhone is available on Sprint, the temptation to revert back has surfaced. This post is really a think aloud on my end but feel free to throw in your two cents after.

Here's the breakdown:


Outside of not being able to make a phone call with that carrier in Wrigleyville, I really never had a problem with my iPhone. It was a great device and worked extremely well with my Mac at home. It's clean, minimalistic and simple to use.

iPhone Competitive Advantages

The biggest thing that iPhone has over Android is apps. Most apps come out on the iPhone before the Android, sometimes world's faster. The most well-known example is Instagram, eluding us Droid users for the last year. In addition, I never recalled running out of memory for apps. Ever. With my Android, I am always having to prioritize my apps and deleting which ones I don't "need" anymore. Sure it's kept my apps and folders more minimalistic but it also has really hindered my trial of new apps. Since new apps don't always come out on Android first, it makes trial that much more of a barrier.


Currently, I'm using an HTC Evo for my Android phone. Steve Jobs is quoted saying Google completely ripped Droid from the iPhone. Is it true? Maybe but Androids are gaining a lot of ground on market share and rising in popularity.

Android's Competitive Advantage

If you are a heavy user of Google apps, this is definitely the phone for you. It works seamlessly with Google apps and if you lose your phone - no sweat. If you have all your personal information backed up on Google, all you have to do is log into your phone and everything comes right back. Personally, I'm a huge user of Google Voice and it works amazingly with my Android phone. I've heard opposite reports of the iPhone Google Voice app. In addition, Amazon has a great selection of Droid apps and allows you to tap into the Amazon Cloud Drive easier from your Droid.

In addition, if you like sharing articles on the fly, Droid is awesome. After reading an online article, all you have to do is hold down the URL space, highlight it and then tap "share" and any sharing option installed on your phone appears, from Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote and email.

What do you think?

When it comes to app space and having newer apps, iPhone definitely wins. If all your other devices are Apple, there is definitely an advantage there. The new 4S also has Siri, Jeeve's smarter older sister. However, if you love Google apps and ease of social sharing, Android takes the cake.

So as most of the readers have used both, what do you think? Which operating system do you prefer and why? Drop your thoughts in the comments or just vote easily in the poll below:

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