One of the big features of Facebook's f8 conference last week (something I helped give a point of view on here) was the new improvements to apps and "frictionless" sharing. Now, instead of having to click through a pop-up box of what I am reading (or listening to or watching...), the action I am performing is shared instantaneously through a one-time opt-in. The more I use this and think about it, the more I believe this isn't a good idea. This Only Benefits Facebook

Facebook presented this as a "serendipitous discovery" tool...which isn't a terrible idea. Through the Spotify app and news shared in my newsfeed, I have discovered music that I had not given a chance before. That in itself is cool. However, my main beef comes in sharing content that I read.

When it comes to articles, I don't share everything I read. I would say for every 10 articles I read, I may share one.


Because not every article I read is one I think everyone should read. I read articles to see what's in them. If I feel my network needs to see that information too, then I share it to Facebook (or Twitter, G+ etc). News stories appeared in my friends' newsfeeds because I intentionally put them there. I rewarded quality content with my share.

With frictionless sharing, the only real beneficiary is Facebook. Sure its cool but now I just know that my friends consumed content...but have no idea if it's any good. It negates the whole concept behind social sharing and rewarding great content.

With frictionless sharing, my newsfeed is hit with even more content. Sure, Facebook's algorithm is theoretically designed to only show me what I want to see...but if I see a TON of news articles online, how do I know if any of them are worth my time reading? The process of frictionless sharing dilutes the recommendation engine of social shares. Having to click a couple of buttons to share a piece of content on Facebook made it clear that I was very intentional about my friends seeing that content and sharing that experience with me.

Sure, I think there are instances where frictionless sharing is beneficial...but I don't think it's good all the time.

What do  you think? Does frictionless sharing decrease the value of shared content on Facebook?

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