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So we started Board of Man as an experiment this past October, thanks to a conversation with @juliacantor. Now, sitting at well over 70,000 followers, the Board of Man has garnered attention from the media outlets across the country. The NBC affiliate KSDK in St. Louis called me up and asked about the growing trend of men using Pinterest after hearing about The Board of Man on the interwebs. Here's the story they ran this morning.

Just don't make fun of my phone voice. I sound a little creepy. It was early in the morning when we spoke.


Thanks to Sara Dayley of KSDK St Louis for reaching out to me and featuring our new hobby. You can see the full write-up here. In addition, this blog Brain Wads (though misspelled) makes its television debut mention as well.

Also, thanks to the wisdom of @gumboshowjoe, you can now tell your friends about the Board of Man through

Where else do you all see guys taking off on Pinterest?