While on one of our holiday trips I was introduced to a new company - The Duluth Trading Company - on YouTube. Their ads are short, simple, creative and hilarious. Here's one of the first videos that I saw from their company. What makes this an awesome marketing effort?

Identifies a Problem

The video identifies a problem that we are all too familiar with, whether we've fallen victim to it ourselves or not. The Duluth Training Company identifies the epidemic of "plumber's butt" but doesn't just stop there.

Solves Said Problem

The Duluth Trading Company tells the viewer how their product, the Long Tail T, will help solve the problem of plumber's butt. It not only says "hey our product helps" but also gives a step by step demonstration on why their product is effective. There is an undeniable educational element in this video.

Call to Action at the End

Not only does the Duluth Trading Company tell you how well their product works in solving a problem, using a step-by-step demonstration but they also give you a call to action. At the end of the video, they tell the consumer to go to their website and order their own Long Tail Ts and effectively remedy cases of plumber's butt that may be happening in their own lives. It's amazing how often something simple as a Call to Action can be easily overlooked.

Targeted Appropriately

You can tell that the video is tailored toward their demographic - men. Not only men but men who are less concerned about fashion and more concerned with functionality in their clothing. These videos speak to this demographic perfectly. They don't try and make a "viral video" but instead make videos that are tailored toward the needs of their target market.

And yes, this is a real company.

The marketing efforts of the Duluth Trading Company show that sometimes the simplest thing can make the biggest difference. I would love to see how many purchases are made as a result of people coming to their website through YouTube. It would be a great case study in social ROI.

In case you are still not a believer, here's how Duluth Trading Company jeans stand up to an angry beaver.


What other simple concepts have you seen out there lately?