Last Thursday at Engauge, we hosted an event that was the first of any kind that I've experienced there in the last year: #fuelinnovation.

The event had one underlying theme: cereal. Weeks leading up to the event, @ktmel had all of us at Engauge leverage the #fuelinnovation hashtag and take photos of the breakfast cereals we ate every morning. After a week or so, an Eventbrite was sent out to the public inviting anyone up to our office to network, take in some presentations and enjoy their favorite bowl of cereal.

Why cereal?

Cereal is a product of marketing innovation. The reason cereal even exists as a product is because of smart marketing. You can learn more about the history of cereal via this infographic here. Event organizers @ktmel and @jessicacarruth took the concept of innovation with cereal and applied it to a marketing-driven event.

The event was a lot of fun. Case-Mate and Scoutmob showed up with demo stations and @adamnaide served as the official cereal barista of the night. In addition, @nicola_smith22gave a fantastic presentation on the evolution

of innovative thinking while @ratpack brought the night home with a hilarious yet informative presentation covering gamification, badges and the newest things in social TV.

As part of the event, @juliacantor and I had the opportunity to present the second talk called "Social Networking to Social Niche-working." We covered topics ranging from the importance of content curation to niche social networks. You can check out our presentation here below. Julia and I were both thrilled to be part of the 150+ person event. do you fuel innovation?

Check out how Instagram captured the event here or the Twitter conversations here