Multi-tasking is a huge lie...but definitely a huge addiction. The blessing of technology is that we are given the opportunity to do things faster and more efficiently. The downside is that we often try and do more things simultaneously with speed and efficiency. When we have multiple tabs open online, multiple documents on multiple screens, we feel like we get more done. I know I feel that way. Unfortunately, a spectacle of extreme ADD is disguised in speed and a plethora of productivity apps.

I'd wondered if I could get things done quicker trying to multi-task or just concentrate on one thing at a time. It's an experiment I had never taken action on because I didn't actually have real motivation for such an experiment. Then last week, Inc. shared this article talking about how multi-tasking could lower your IQ score. Literally. Knowing I need to salvage what IQ points I have to my name, I've been inspired to take action.

At least for this week, I'm going to try doing one thing at a time. I'm going to pick one task and zero in on that one thing only. No tangents. A few tricks I'm going to attempt out of the gate:

  • Turning my email pop-up notifications off
  • Putting my phone on silent and not vibrate
  • Only work on two screens if they're both being used for the same task

What other tips do you have for me to try? How do you stay focused?

Also, if you don't believe me, below is an infographic that explains how multi-tasking is making us stupid. If it's on an infographic, it has to be true...right?