The age debate online on who should own social doesn't seem to quiet. It's a narrower focus than the entire millenials-are-awesome-but-entitled-so-maybe-not-as-awesome-but-lazy debate and zeros in on social media strategists and community managers. One article recently argued the point on why every social media manager should be under 25 while another from PR Daily sided on the same side of the fence listing reasons why millenials should handle your social media. Then, on the flip side, Inc posted an article titled "11 Reasons A 23-Year Old Shouldn't Run Your Social Media" making the case that you shouldn't hand over the keys to your brand to a business newbie. 23 year olds aren't thinking ahead, care too much about their own online brand, and have untrustworthy friends according to this article.

Both sides make great arguments. Millenials are digital natives and will be able to adapt to new technologies and user behavior a little quicker and easier than older folks. On the other side of the fence, more experienced marketing professionals have seen changes in their industries and have more business knowledge than a lot of millenials have had a chance to learn.  At the end of the day...


There are really talented, educated and reliable 25 year olds out there.  I know several 25 year olds that are more dependable than people who have been working for 20 years. They have a strong business maturity and make well-informed decisions when guiding social. Then there are several 40+ year old folks that I know personally that understand social well beyond my own personal understanding. They get it, are active and go a fantastic job in the space.

At the end of of the day, the date on your birth certificate isn't an indicator of job performance in social. It's skill, maturity and an never-ending willingness to learn.

So let's get off the age requirement soapbox and get back to work. Cool?