One year ago from the time of day I'm currently writing this post, I was sitting in a hotel room eating pizza and drinking Ale-8 with some old track buddies. It's a day I'll never forget. Why?

Because those track buddies were my groomsmen and I was impatiently tapping my toe waiting for the evening to roll around so I could marry my best friend.

Today is Megan and my first anniversary as a married couple. For one year of marriage, we've experienced a lot together. Most of those experiences are chronicled on Megan's blog "The I-Do Diaries" here. We've both taken on new jobs, adopted a new puppy (who I know most of our Facebook friends have seen too many photos of), traveled up and down I-75 several times for weddings and family events, taken a weekend trip to Chicago and have explored our new home of Atlanta as many chances as we get (heavily thanks to Scoutmob). We've also been fortunate to connect with other young newlywed couples through our church Grace Midtown, a group that has become some of our closest friends in the city.

More importantly, we've been there for each other. Megan has been remarkably supportive - even before getting married - of all my job decisions and transitioning. She's been a listening ear for a bad day, has sat through me rehearsing presentations to her, a source of accountability for staying in shape and dealing with my Brett Favre phase when deciding on my last job transition.

She's also an amazing cook. Megan has whipped up muffins for my breakfasts many weeks, throws together awesome dinners without a recipe and bakes for others. Despite my having to go up a size or so in pants in the last year, I probably eat a lot healthier now thanks to her help than I did living solo a year ago.

Megan's been my best friend, my biggest fan and supporter. I've had an incredibly fun first year and can't wait for the many more to come!