This past weekend, a truly revolutionary and mind-blowing phone from the people at Apple came out. I didn't buy it. I bought it's predecessor. Why?

It really came down to personal timing. My wife and I had (Android owners) become increasingly frustrated with

Sprint. When I was living in Chicago it was great...and their Google Voice integration was spectacular. When I first moved to Atlanta, it was okay. However, the reception to make a simple phone call was becoming more and more of a problem. Since I have a tendency to make phone calls with my phone from time to time, Megan and I decided to switch over to Verizon once my contract ran out.

My contract ran out on 9/12/12. The new iPhone was announced on 9/12/12. Serendipity right?

The timing was perfect. I awaited the announcement of the phone I was most likely going to be purchasing with my new contract. I listed to the announcement...and then did some thinking.

Sure, Apple made some awesome upgrades. I loved the new features coming to their phones. However, the features I liked the most had to do with their new iOS 6 and not so much the phone itself. I realized that pretty much all the features I liked came on the 4S...now $100 cheaper. Include the wife and it's $200 cheaper ($260 if you count the fact that we don't have to buy new adapters for the phone port).

Sure I'm living without the 4G LTE (a Verizon perk). I'm living without the massive screen...but then again...I may have gotten a Samsung Galaxy S3 if I liked large screens. My 4S doesn't have quite the camera quality (hardly noticeable) nor the processor speed (improvement TBD). My 4S is heavier too, which fits in nicely with my new weight training program ;)

In all seriousness, I love Apple products even though I've been an Android phone user for the last couple of years. I switched to iOS because I love its interface and simplicity, even if it isn't as feature heavy as the latest and greatest Android phones out there.

I typically salivate over the latest and greatest Apple upgrades. iOS 6 fit the bill. The iPhone 5 seems to be a fantastic phone and device...it just didn't appear to be so much better than the 4S this go around.

What do you think? Will I regret my decisions?

UPDATE: TechCrunch did release a side-by-side video comparison of the two phones in regards to speed. To be completely fair, the iPhone 5 is a bit faster than the 4S. Just not quite as much as it was hyped up to be. You can view the video here