I rejoiced when Google Maps came out to iOS, redeeming me from the craptastic default Apple Maps. It was a good day. Then an even better day arrived. The day when I discovered Scout.

What is Scout?

Scout is a GPS app that is simple, easy to use but does way more. It's like if Yelp or Foursquare developed a mobile GPS app. You can find a location just by the categories they list out such as coffee, food, gas, and even ATM. There's even a more extensive list not on the home screen that lists things to do like sporting venues, museums and other landmarks nearby.

Have you ever started driving somewhere, like from work to home, and wanted to give your family an ETA? Like "hey I'll be home for dinner by 7pm"? Scout makes this easy. It saves your office location and your home location as two default locations. You don't have to re-type your home address every time, just click on "Home." As the directions pull up, you're prompted with the option to share your ETA with a default group of people. For my wife, if I'm out somewhere and getting ready to come home, I'll just click "share ETA" and she's automatically sent a text message that gives my estimated time of arrival and a link to track my progress.


As an example, the other day I went to pick up my wife and I's packets for the Color Run. Traffic was beastly going home. I clicked the "Share ETA" and Megan was given a text that notified her of when I'd be home. Then, the app actually navigated me through side streets and neighborhoods I had never been in to skip the traffic and get home quicker. It was fantastic.

Apparently there's a paid version of this app that includes features such as

  • Real-time traffic jams (great Atlanta feature)
  • Speed traps
  • Speed limit notifications
  • Lane assists to change lanes safely before exiting

After doing a bit of YouTube browsing, I discovered this location sharing feature that I didn't realize existed. Kinda cool for trying to meet up with a group of people

Have you tried out Scout? What's your GPS of choice?