I have been using as my go-to tool to keep up with all my daily tasks, follow ups and deadlines. It's simple, minimalistic but surprisingly functional. When I heard they were coming out with a full-on productivity suite over the next two years, I was excited.

The next addition to their lineup has been their calendar app. I've tested out several calendar apps in the past but have since landed on this new Cal app (iPhone only right now) as my go-to phone calendar. The app is clean, very functional and works well pulling in your contacts. The user flow on it is very cool and the design matches that of its older brother. Speaking of the original Any.Do app, the new Cal syncs up with your Any.Do account and lists all the tasks you have scheduled from that day.

This video does a great job of showing a hands-on demo of the app, better than I could describe on my own.

Being an early release, it still has its bugs. I've had it crash when I try to create a new event from inside the app instead of letting it just pull from my Exchange work calendar invites. Also, since I have two phones (work and's a lot to keep up with) I've found that the two calendars don't always sync up between devices. That could be due to user error but not sure yet. I know once they tweak it and clean it up more, it'l be even better.

They are rumored to be coming out with a Mail app next, so I'll definitely be trying that out.

Have any of you tried out Any.Do's calendar app? What are your go to productivity apps?