We tried to explain to everyone at SoCon13 why we were all on social media in the first place. Since @ChadATL and I both work for agencies, we basically get paid to make nice decks - why not make another one or two for fun? At Digital Atlanta, Chad and I are going to dive into learning more about little data.

Wait Drew, don't you mean big data?

No, I don't mean big data. Big data is a phrase a lot of us like to say but don't really know what to do with. We're going to talk about "little data" - a more tangible concept that can actually be used by those of us who aren't as gifted at math or excel spreadsheets like awesome analysts or a Nate Silver might be.

So if you're in Atlanta, make sure you try and catch a show at The Fox Theater - it's an amazing concert venue.

If you're going to be at Digital Atlanta this year, come hang out with Chad and I at 8:30 AM on October 9th. It should be a good time, even though it's early. I've read that successful people get up earlier in the day, so 8:30 shouldn't be a problem, right?

You can RSVP and learn more by clicking here.