I'm not really one to get into New Year's Resolutions. It's something I've never really made. Even going into 2014, I know there is probably going to be a lot of big changes in my life. Some good, some bad and some I probably won't see coming. That said, I don't have any real specific goals going into the new year. What I do want to do is commit to a process more. I want to reenforce several daily habits that will have better residual results on other parts of my life, both at work and home.

Journaling More

I don't have a set amount of posts. Just want to be more intentional about recording what has happened in my life more often. It'll be fun to look back on and may help me put together different events in my life and learn more about why some things may happen the way they do. I'll definitely be using Day One as my weapon of choice in this mission.

Run Regularly


I don't have mileage goals. I'm not training for a specific race nor do I really have any desire to be back in "race shape" this year. I do want to run at least three to four times a week. Regular exercise is good for you - both physically and mentally. In the last couple of years, I've really just dropped exercise completely with the exception of a few highly motivated weeks here and there. I want to establish good habits now so I don't have to play health catch up when I'm older. I also know the regular routine and discipline of exercise will carry over into work and getting things done at home. It has before, I'm sure it will again.

Dress Up More


I'm not a slouch when I go to work at all but I still want to make an effort to make more of an effort to be more polished when I go into work or a date night. Here lately, Megan and I have been dressing up a bit more and it's been really fun. Putting in that extra effort to get ready for the day helps me be more mentally prepped for what's to come. Something about that intentionality has a positive carry-over into other things.

Spend More Time With God


This is totally a Sunday school answer for many Christians. I was recently talking with a new friend the other night and he told me he once heard Billy Graham's biggest life regret was not spending enough time with God. Billy Graham said that. Wow. We've been learning in church about having a more integrated life and not segmenting our lives into little boxes. I think there's something to that and that more intentional time with God, reading or just silently meditating on our porch rockers for ten minutes in the morning will have a profound affect on other areas in my life.

So that's what I'm planning for 2014. Sure, it's not specific. There's no metric for success. But I'm sticking more to a process than a result. I'll let you know next year how it all worked out.